Our Services

Our services are integrated and keep pace with the times.

We believe in the competence of our teams! We reconcile performance and creativity, to obtain the best results. All at the service of your digital growth, from collecting leads to increasing turnover!

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

We help our clients by finding ways to differentiate them from competitors, identifying new opportunities, and suggesting new strategies to increase profits.

Advertising Campaigns

Majorel Media will develop and improve your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, which leads to a huge return on investment for these campaigns.

Google Ads

We have great experience in Google advertising campaigns so that they are considered the most targeted and effective.

Visual Production

Majorel Media offers the opportunity to produce professional photographs by photographing products and individuals using the best cameras and photographic lenses.

Majorel Media implements all the client's desires in terms of photography and documentation with the latest technology in complete photographic equipment.

Transforming service descriptions and statistics into graphs by making influences that contribute to attracting the recipient.

Majorel Media owns a special recording studio for sound recording service, in addition to a visual editing service, so that we work on the best editing and animation programs.


Logo Design

Your logo is the front of your business. Get your new project off the right path with a professional looking logo design.

Sites Design

We update and create websites and applications with the latest methods through a team of professional designers and programmers.

Visual Identity Design

Create and enhance your company's unique identity and reputation on the web to influence your sales and position your company in your industry.


Majorel Media uses the best software and frameworks that will help produce clean and fast code as well as reduce website and browsing problems.

With more than four years of experience in developing mobile applications and nearly 90 applications on different stores, you will have an exceptional and effective application on different operating systems (IOS - Windows Phone - Android) that achieves your project goals and provides your customers with a unique use experience

Do you have a company and you want to create a system to run it, a program for tracking..etc? We can program similar systems

Social Media Management

Content Writing

We write posts and tweets that suit the audience interested in your activity, and we even create designs for each publication; In order to create interaction with accounts and increase access while working to increase the number of followers

Reply to Comments and Followers

Manage the most appropriate social media channel or channels for your company, and based on the strategy followed, we manufacture written and visual content and make advertisements that increase interaction with your publications, increase your followers and increase your profits

Preparing Accounts for a Marketing Plan

Marketing plans are prepared according to your goals and your budget, to reach your goals and customers in a thoughtful and fast manner.

Our services are integrated and keep pace with the times.

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